Monday, August 10, 2009

Do dogs lie?

Fist of all, thanks for your good wishes everyone...I'm feeling MUCH better today! Yaaaaaaaay!!!

The other day, I had a very interesting experience with Lola. It was a really warm afernoon and I decided to take
Lola to the front of our building to hose her down. Lola looked at me put on the yellow shorts (the ones reserved for bathing the doggie), take her towel and shampoo, and wear my rubber slippers. She knew what was coming and she was not a happy dog.

Anyway, off we went with Lola on the leash. At once, she started to sniff frantically in the grass and walk in the opposite direction. It seemed like she had some urgent business to attend to, so I followed her. In a little while, I noticed her looking at me from the corner of
her eye. When she realised I was looking at her, she quickly bent her head down and pretended to sniff deeply while leading me further away from the hose. This happened a couple of times before I caught on - my darling dog was trying to fool me!

She had realised that fighting or begging wouldn't stop the bath, so she was now trying her hand (paw?) at deception!

Here's an interesting article which says that dogs are as intelligent as 2 yr old children:

Do let us know if you've had any such experiences!

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