Thursday, January 29, 2009

Daily Moment of Beauty

I came across a lovely blog today: Five Pieces Of Happiness

This reminded me of when I first went to England to study. I was quite lonely - I had left all my friends & classmates back in India. Everything was new for me - the place, the people, the accent, the weather...oh specially the weather!

I had come from a place where it's sunny 350 days in the the grayest place you could imagine. The sky was gray, the buildings were gray, the clothes were gray and, to top it all, the Prime Minister in those days was John Major - the ultimate 'gray man'!

Well, I joined school, I started making new friends, settling in, but something was still missing. That's when I came up with my brilliant idea - every day, I would look for something in nature that was beautiful. It could be a flower, the color of the sky, the layers of an onion, anything. but I would take a moment out of my life to appreciate it's beauty. At first this was a bit of a joke with my new friends, but soon they started looking for things to show me. And it became a daily bonding moment.

I don't know when or why I stopped doing this. But after reading Five Pieces Of Happiness, I have decided to get back to looking for my daily moment of beauty. And I will include this in my daily blog posts from now on. I'd love for all of you to add your own daily "moment of beauty" in the comments - even if it is just the perfect layers of a sliced onion :)


  1. What a lovely really is good for you to stop even for a few seconds and appreciate the clouds or the sun or a flower or whatever it may be. Nothing to report today because I'm sick in bed and it's grey and raining out but I'm sure I'll come up with a few by the end of the day :)

  2. Awww...I hope you feel better soon! :)